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The Sai Tools Pole Sock :

Slotted Guide Poles & Gauge Poles in floating Roof as also the openings in between Poles & the Gaugewell or the gauge pole housing have exactly the same emissions effect as any other roof opening: they constitute a pathway for evaporative product losses and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOCs include a wide variety of hydrocarbons, some of which are hazardous air pollutants (e.g., Benzene, Toluene, Xylene And Ethyl Benzene). Depending on the size, location and contents of a tank, uncontrolled emissions from the use of slotted Guide Poles can exceed 25,000 pounds per year. Simple and inexpensive solutions exist to minimize these emissions and reduce evaporative losses.

A substantial number of tanks have slotted Guide Poles. They may be found at any facility that stores substantial quantities of volatile organic liquids, including petroleum products (e.g., Refineries, Gasoline Distribution Terminals, Chemical Plants And Other Facilities).

The practice of providing Flexible Enclosure Systems around the Slotted Poles are in existence over a number of years around the world. Sai Tools has successfully developed this system in India. BPCL & Reliance Industries have reaped the benefits of the Sai Tools Pole Sock by curtailing emission losses.

Vapour Loss Calculations can be furnished on request.

Sai Tools Leg Sock :

Sai Tools Leg Sock are designed to prevent product loss caused by vapors escaping from Floating Roof support legs. Sai Tools Leg Sock provide the following features.

  • Compatible for 100% aromatics.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Can be installed while tank is in-service.
  • Can be used with either "U-type" or "T-bar" leg handles.
  • Seams are factory welded.

Vapour Loss Calculations can be furnished on request.

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